Local Repeaters

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Amateur Repeaters

2 Meters, 1.25 Meters & 70 Centimeters


Butte, Yuba-Sutter, Colusa, Glen, Lake, Mendocino, Tehama, Shasta, Plumas, Nevada Counties

County City Call Frequency Offset Tone Comments
Butte Oroville K6RCO 146.655 - 136.5 Kelly Ridge, echo link connection to Bay Area
Butte Oroville WA6UHF 442.350 + 110.9 Bloomer Mt., 15 Watts
Butte Chico GEARS 146.850 - 110.9 Has IRLP node for members
Butte Oroville WA6UHF 224.500 - 110.9 Bloomer Mtn., 15 Watts
Butte Chico WA6UHF 224.280 - 110.9 Cohasset Ridge
Butte Chico N6YCK 224.360 - 110.9 Cohasset Ridge
Butte Forest Ranch N6TZG 147.975 - 110.9
Butte Chico W6SCR 145.290 - 110.9 Butte County Sheriff’s Communications Reserve
Platte Mountain (coverage into Sacramento Valley) linked to K6FHL
Butte K6FHL 146.700 - 110.9 Covers Feather River Canyon, Oroville (linked to W6SCR)
Sutter Sutter WD6AXM 146.085 + 127.3 YSARC
Sutter Yuba City W6GNO 224.960 - 100.0  low level, local coverage
Sutter Yuba City K6JSI 147.330 + 123.0 WIN System temporarily at Ron’s house elev. 2200ft
Glenn Willows 147.105 + 100.0 Marysville to Redding/ Up into canyons of Butte County
Lassen Dyer Mountain KF6CCP 145.370 - 123.0 Almanor
Mendocino Covelo WB6TCS 147.210 + 103.5 Linked to Oakland and Willits 147.210 also.
Nevada Grass Valley W6DD 147.285 + 151.4 NCARC
Nevada Grass Valley KF6GLZ 224.480 - 131.8
Plumas Quincy KR6G 145.470 - 123.0 Plumas OES Covers upper Feather River Canyon and Quincy area
Plumas Quincy AF6AP 147.945 - 123.0 Claremont Peak, 7000 ft, SW of Quincy
Yolo Berryessa KE6YUV 146.970 - 123.0 BARK also has packet node
?? ?? N6YCK 224.800 - 110.9


Essential Skills Setting Up Any VHF/UHF FM Amateur Radio Transceiver

Two meter FM is the backbone of all local amateur radio networking. If you cannot do these things with proficiency, you will be a hindrance, not a help with communications!


  • Adjust Squelch level (For many handheld radios this is a menu, not a knob.)
  • Adjust Power output level
  • Monitor input frequency of a repeater to see if simplex can be used between stations.
  • In VFO mode, know how to enter frequency, offset, and PL tone.


  • Set up a memory bank with all local repeaters
  • Set up a memory bank with all approved local simplex frequencies.
  • If radio has extended receive coverage, set up memory bank with local emergency dispatch frequencies.
  • Know how to set your radio up for a dual watch or priority watch on two channels, so you can listen to an active channel, but don’t miss a call on your assigned simplex channel. That way if net control wants you to stay on a certain channel, you’ll be there, even if you get bored and go listening to some other channel.