Minutes of Last Meeting

Minutes of Meeting January 13, 2017

The meeting opened at 7:00 with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Lame Duck Pres. Joe Herman WA6CAL.
Introductions were made.
Joe Herman handed meeting over to new Chair Joe Visalli N9BD.?
Lauralyn Lambert KM6FON read the minutes from last month’s meeting. The minutes were approved as read. M.S.P.
A Treasurer’s Report was read by Gerry Vroomman, N6GCV. The Club balance at end of year 12-31-16 was $1720.17. The current balance at meeting date was $1755.42. It was brought to attention of Club that correspondence is needed in regards to yearly insurance. Motion to accept Treas. Report, as read, by Ron Osborne, KD7UHF, 2nd by Ted Cochran KK6VHZ. M.S.P.
Old biz?
1. Recapp of last meetings nominations of new Officers/Directers/Board members….
Any additional nominations? None. Motion to close nominations … M.S.P.
Pres. : Joe Visalli, N9BD… M.S.P
V.P. : Ted Cochran, KK6VHZ…..M.S.P.
Sec.: Lauralyn Lambert, KM6FON….with Howard Fairbanks,W6AIL as back-up…… M.S.P.
Treasurer: Gerry Vroomman, N6GCV… with Ron Osborne, KD7UHF as back-up… M.S.P.
Board Members: Gary Clark,KF6EWO, Bill Curran, AG6ZT, & Bennent Lasky, K6CEL
Only 2 needed. Gary Clark & Bill Curran were confirmed by motion… M.S.P.
No elections needed, White ballot.
The Club welcomed new incoming, and thanked outgoing participants!
Joe Herman handed meeting over to new Chair Joe Visalli N9BD. (This item may be out of time order.)
2. Ron Osborne let us know Dennis Parham KI6AK7, passed in Dec. became a silent key. To be buried w/ Full Military Honors in Lincoln, CA .
3. Ron Osborne KD7UHF, reported on Dec. 10, Parade of Lights: City was enthusiastic & loved our presence & coordination. Want us back next year, with more positions filled! Well done team, Thank you, Ron!!

New Biz:
1. Gerry Vrooman, Treas, brought to light & requested that $200.00 was needed for Yearly Insurance renewal for the Club.
Our Pres. Suggested that this become a bill paid yearly w/o a vote ea. year, to be taken up at Board level.
2. Gene Wright, WA6ZRT, wondered if main Raffle Prize had been decided. We will be notified after next Board meeting.

3. Ted Cochran ,N6TBC ,asked when, where the Steak Bake BBQ will be held… any plans in the works yet? Several locations mentioned, rotation of duties/hosting between clubs mentioned. We will be notified of next Board meeting decision.
4. Gerry Vroomman, Treas. paid Insurance via credit card, during meeting. Will be reimbursed.
5. Jim Jennings,W7XZ noted Winter Field Day, last weekend in Jan.
6. V.P. Ted Cochran,N6TBC requested correction be noted for his call letters. Prior to 10-25-2016 to read KK6VHZ…. after 10-25-2016 to read N6TBC.
Progam Guest speaker: Mike Kaliczak, N6NIX, Capt. Communication
Reserve. Butte Co. Sheriff”s Dept did a very informative presentation On 60M.
End of meeting Drawing : Prize? Winner?
Gene Wright made motion to adjourne meeting. M.S.P. Unsure of time .

Respectfully Submitted,
Sec. Lauralyn A. Lambert KM6FON