Minutes of Last Meeting


Summary of meeting minutes for March 10th, 2017

(Minutes taken by Dorence Young - WB6FBQ substituting for Lauralyn Lambert – KM6FON Secretary. 

Meeting was called to order by President Joe Visalli – N9BD at 7:00 pm. He called for the Flag Salute and Introductions. Members introduced them selves by name and call signs. There was one new guest – Ms. Gail (?) (can't remember last name) – she wants to earn her ham license and seemed very enthusiastic as well as attentive during the conversations by members during the meeting. Veronica Herman was also present as a guest. 

Treasurer's Report was called for and Ron Osborne – KD7UHF$ (substituting for Gerry Vroomman) gave his report essentially saying the current balance in the organization's checking/ savings now stands at $1821.44. M, S, & P. that it was approved as read – also the Min. reported was approved as read. 

In Old Business: There were various items brought forth by President Joe Visalli as follows:
 a) Various Ham Fests taking place – Loomis Ham Fest (East of Sacramento) was one 
 mentioned (there may have been others). 
 b) Up- coming Feather Days – Ron Osborne is heading this up – participants are needed
 for helping with the parade communications. If you are interested please see Ron.

 c) Field Day coming up near the end of June – We need someone to head that activity and Ted
 Cochran (former call sign KK6VHZ) and Bennett Laskey – K6CEl and Eric Bayer – AF6EF 
 and others will assist in this effort. 
 d) Another Ham Fest mentioned was the Lincoln Ham Fest (Western Placer) in Lincoln on
September 16th. 
 e) The Steak Bake takes place - September 23rd was the decided date (we are Hosts) will be 
 held at Hammon Park in Oroville - Registration fee has been paid and Ron will be re- 
 imbursed for that amount by the club. M.S.P. We will need help with arrangements and
 planning, etc. 
 f) Wild Flower Bike events in Chico and Yuba-Sutter (April 30th and April 8th). Contact Joe
 Visalli for details if you can and wish to help.
 g) Eric gave a brief report on status of web-site – thanked Ron for up-dating the Calendar
 with all or most Northern California Ham Radio Activities – you can view them on the 
 web page. Anyone wishing to submit news articles or contribute items for the web-page - 
 please talk to Eric. 
In New Business: There was some discussion over the possible purchase by the club of 500 ft. roll of 
 antenna feed-line cable for “Hams” to purchase for their antennas. There was little interest at
 this point and the matter was tabled for the time being. There being no other new business –
 Joe called for a break. 
PROGRAM FOR THE EVENING – featured Joe Herman – WA6CAL. He demonstrated via computer video how to use Optical Scanning of Documents for Archive Purposes by using Evernote.Com. Very interesting presentation and it was believed that the club could utilize this method for saving for historic purposes, records and documents related to our organization. 

Meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:00pm.